10. Virality is overrated.

Virality is one of the most buzzed about techniques, but few have actually successfully gone viral. Ethan says that virality usually doesn’t work except in specific spaces such as for messaging apps or paid platforms. With most other apps, virality typically only works by using controversial tactics like spamming a user’s phone contacts during the onboarding process. Instead, provide value added sharing. Ethan does this by allowing his users to share recipes with each other, but this is definitely not a huge source of users.

By focusing on a few marketing channels, doing them really well and building an amazing product to market, Ethan was able to take Yummly from 0 to 15 million users. He didn’t use any secret tricks or gimmicks. Instead, he focused heavily on what worked and what we should all do: Provide value to our users.

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Originally posted on Inc.

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