How to Make a Million Dollars

James Altucher‘s Book Choose Yourself would be a great start. He’s made millions multiple times. His advice is pretty solid. Choose Yourself!: James Altucher, Dick Costolo: 8601402853113: Books P.S. Did I mention that he’s my hero? I stalk him all over the internet. Everywhere he goes, I follow. Shh… Don’t tell anyone though… Let’s keep that as … Read more

What It Feels like to Be Poor

I’ve had a background where I’ve officially been in multiple social statuses.  I’ve had more money than I could imagine at one point.  Then, at another point, I had absolutely nothing. Actually, I’ve bounced around so many times, that I honestly don’t have the slightest clue what my social status is anymore.  I’m just going … Read more

5 Steps to Creating a Realistic Way to Become Rich

What are realistic ways for one to become rich? The question really isn’t how to get rich, but more along the lines of why you want to get rich. Toyota had implemented a philosophy that they use based around five questions that are designed to troubleshoot and resolve most of the problems they have in … Read more