What Decision Have You Made That You Are Most Proud Of?

The decision to accept myself for who I am.  When I stopped trying to become who I felt the world wanted me to be, everything started to slowly piece itself together.  That, alongside with when I redefined success to be measured by the impact I made on others as opposed to the impact on my … Read more

What Is It like to Experience Yourself Changing?

In my life, I’ve encountered change in all directions–for better or worse. Stability wasn’t something that I even knew existed in life, until recently An old mentor of mine used to say, “Once you stop growing, that is when you start dying. We change each day: for better or for worse.” In my life, I found this to … Read more

The Event That Changed My Childhood Life

When I was about two or three years old, I started growing up with my grandparents, Robert and Nancy Landis, as opposed to my mother. My grandparents had raised me as if I was their own child. Robert Landis, my grandfather was the most influential person in my youth. He loved me with all his … Read more

5 Steps to Creating a Realistic Way to Become Rich

What are realistic ways for one to become rich? The question really isn’t how to get rich, but more along the lines of why you want to get rich. Toyota had implemented a philosophy that they use based around five questions that are designed to troubleshoot and resolve most of the problems they have in … Read more

Your Dreams Will Leave You Disappointed (But This Mindset Is What Matters Most)

The only things people want are Love, Entertainment, to be Happy, Money, and Better Health (to feel better). These are the primary motivating factors to the decisions that each person makes. This should bring some insight as to why I made the decisions I did.  I wrote the following on June 26th, 2013: Sometimes I … Read more