Trying to Live Comfortably on Minimum Wage – The Possibilities

Is it possible to live comfortably on minimum wage?

If you’re in California, the answer is no.

No, you cannot live comfortably on minimum wage.

As each day goes by, you get further and further behind, especially if you have to pay rent. Eventually, you will have nothing but broken hopes and dreams.

You will sink yourself into an endless pit of self misery, and you won’t even be able to afford the free internet that allows you to WiFi the song “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey off your prepaid phone.

How sad does a summer have to be? So sad that you can’t even afford to listen to the mp3?

However, you can survive on $1600 a month in net income. That’s what I live off of.

Edit: Can I take my answer back?

I have found that you can live quite comfortably on less money than minimum wage. My mommy has been “visiting” me for the last few months, but has no estimated date of departure, so I’m under the impression that she has officially moved in. She has $0 and earns $0. She has lived quite comfortably off me for the last few months.

All she does is cook, clean, eat, sleep, smoke cigarettes, talk to me, oh and she learned how to watch Korean dramas on my laptop. I honestly have no clue what else she does, except for play Mahjong or this bubble shooting game on the computer, because she never goes out and only uses like 50 minutes of an unlimited phone plan a month. I’m going to probably buy a TV or an iPad so she can maybe do like a few more things.

She has ultimately figured out how to live comfortably on $0 a month.

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