5 Steps to Creating a Realistic Way to Become Rich

What are realistic ways for one to become rich?

The question really isn’t how to get rich, but more along the lines of why you want to get rich.

Toyota had implemented a philosophy that they use based around five questions that are designed to troubleshoot and resolve most of the problems they have in their factories. In turn, many life coaches have used these same five questions to help their students figure out and determine what the true reason of their desires are.

On another note, an author by the name of Robert Kiyosaki had laid out a simple philosophy in his boring books about his fake “Rich” father and his real “Poor” father and the differences in their mind set. The main thing Robert Kiyosaki discussed that makes the most sense in all of his materials is the concept of be, do, have.

Robert Kiyosaki states, that in order for us to have what we want… We must not first do what it takes and then reap the rewards. Make sure to read that line again, because that is how most of the population thinks. However, what we must do is first become the person we want to be. We must walk, talk, think, act, and fully function as the type of person who has what we want to have.

In your case, if you want to become a millionaire or billionaire, or whatever it may be, the first thing that is necessary is a shift in your thinking. How successful people and regular people think are on two completely different wavelengths. The first step would be to really study and focus on how the person you want to become lives his or her daily life.

But then, this isn’t the real answer to your question. The real answer to your question goes back to the technique that Toyota implements in their manufacturing methodologies. This concept is a small portion of a much bigger Japanese philosophy called Kaizen. This particular process we are going to discuss is called “The Five Whys”. This process will be able to help you create the foundation for who you want to become.

To give you an example of how important a foundation is… In California, there is a city called Rancho Palos Verdes. In this one particular area on the peninsula, houses tend to range around $10 million. One of the people who have purchased a house on the hill had decided to sell his house for $2 million. He’s has such extreme difficulty in selling his residence in the last few months, that he has recently lowered his asking price to $1 million. He’s even deciding if he should lower his offer even more as we speak. Why would he lower the purchase price of his property so much in such an affluent neighborhood? Why is no one buying his home?

The answer to these two questions define how important a foundation really is. Because as each day goes by, the home is slipping, millimeters upon millimeters, and will eventually fall off the cliff. Would you want to live your life like the house and eventually fall off the cliff? Would you like to become succumbed to a life of being used and abused like the many celebrities we see in the news? I know I personally wouldn’t.

This process of creating your foundation takes only five steps.

What you would have to do is get out a piece of paper, and write out the first question. If you’re really serious about achieving the success you speak of, I won’t have to repeat myself and tell you twice, and you’ll be off looking for a pencil and paper as you read this.

  • The first question to your particular situation would be… Why do I want to be rich?

After you answer the initial question, you will find an answer, maybe along the lines of because I want to be successful. You would want to write that answer down, then use that answer to formulate the second question.

  • The second question would be along the lines of… Why do I want to be successful?

Here, the answer is pretty variable. Some people want power, some people want fame, others want a secure life, etc. Personally, I would answer the question with to help provide for the less fortunate. Take a moment and write down that answer. Now, you would repeat the process. Usually, the answers become more detailed and in depth through each step, however the formulation of each additional question would take some insight and some time in processing your initial answers.

  • For my personal situation, the third question would be… Why do I want to provide for the less fortunate?

As you can see, when you get through each barrier, the roots to who you truly are and why you desire what you want starts to become more self evident. This helps create the foundation that will become the ultimate pillar to your success.

My answer to this particular question would be because I have experienced a lifestyle where I have been extremely prosperous, yet have also experienced the pain that comes with having absolutely nothing and being hopeless of the future. When I had lost my 2,600 square foot loft, my Lexus GS, all my money, my friends, everything I had… I basically just wanted to give up on life. I gave up on trying to maintain everything I had fought so hard have. After experiencing how it feels to lose hope of everything, I had come to a realization. I wouldn’t wish this kind of pain and hopelessness upon my worst enemy. I want to be able to provide the means to help people achieve their success, whether it be financially or through my personal life experiences on my original personal journey to success.

Of course your answer would vary quite far away from where mine is, for we haven’t shared the same experiences in life. At times, your answers will even go off track and produce a completely different outcome, because that isn’t what you truly desire, and its just a layer in between what you truly want. Make sure to write out that answer, and formulate your fourth question.

  • The fourth question in my situation would be… Why would I want to provide the means to help other people achieve success?

My answer would be because I want to help empower others to unleash the potential they have hidden away, to achieve the most success they can in their respected industries. I want to have an impact in creating a new culture of business, one that is socially conscious in making improvements in the world.

  • The fifth question would be… Why would you want to attribute to creating socially conscious businesses?

My answer would be that I’ve been blessed with so many things in life. Success. Wealth. Money. Power. Friends. Women. I’ve also had so many things taken away from me as well. Through winning and losing, I’ve come to find what has been superficial and what has truly held value in my life. I’ve encountered a small handful of amazing people in my life and many people who are just out for their own well being. Overall, I’ve come to find that people are people and things are things. We all have to do our part to make the world a better place to live in. I want to do my part and make an impact on changing how the world works for the better. I want to create a positive environment full of opportunities for the generations to come.

Now, after you have formulated and answered your five questions… You would have a foundation for who you are and what you want out of your life. You would call this your why. This would be the core essence to your success, what drives you to get up every single morning and motivates you to move forward, no matter how slowly, each and every morning. This would be considered the fuel to your soul’s desire.

Next, you would have to go on to create goals to achieve your success, then find a vehicle to get to your destination. As time goes by, you will encounter many road blocks in many shapes and forms, from unethical people, financial difficulties, unmet deadlines, and various other hurdles that may make it seem impossible to get to the next step. Your real world experience and intuition will be able to help you come to a proper judgment as to whether you are even in the right vehicle to achieve the success you want, or if you have to scrap your project and start over. Then comes dedication. You will have to commit to do whatever it takes to accomplish your personal goals.

If you’re willing to take the time out of your day to build a proper foundation by figuring out what you truly want, attain all the skills and characteristic traits of the type of person you want to become (e.g. speaking clearly, having proper manners, reading books, being on time, waking up early, taking minimal breaks, working hard, etc.) and are willing to commit to do what it takes at all costs, then you’re more than 75% of the way there on your journey to massive success.

Also, be aware, each and every one of us change. Make sure to reassess your position periodically, because who you are and what your goals may be can change, and your foundation may need to be slightly altered. Don’t be afraid of the changes that come. Embrace change and move forward.

However… Don’t expect it for your success to happen overnight. Most people take 10-20 years to achieve their goals, after dealing with countless failures along the way. The people publicized in the media for getting rich overnight are the exceptions, not the standard.

Originally posted on Quora.

Leonard Kim is Managing Partner at InfluenceTree. At InfluenceTree, Leonard and his team teach you how to build your (personal or business) brand, get featured in publications and growth hack your social media following.

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