How Can Someone Be like Leonard Kim, without All the Life Experience?

We acquire knowledge much faster than we acquire wisdom. Reading my content won’t make you any more or any less like me. Maybe you can learn some lessons from my mistakes, however it won’t change the content of your character nor add value to your own personal experiences. Keep asking questions. Having a curious nature, … Read more

Sabeen Ali of AngelHack And Her Quest To Impact The World

Sabeen Ali has spoken at TEDx conferences on both sides of the world. Today she is the CEO of AngelHack, a global community of 50,000 programmers who do events within 52 major cities around the world. But how did she get to where she is today? Thanks to two of her phenomenal employees, Matt Wright … Read more

How Will Ferrell Ruined My Wedding

It was a beautiful Thursday in Los Angeles. The weather was perfect. My soul at peace. Sarah and I were gazing into each other’s eyes. We knew this would be the perfect day. But was it really as perfect as it could have been? (We’re not actually married by the way) While we posed for our … Read more

The Autobiography of a Failure

This is what the dust cover of my future book, either an autobiography or biography of me, would say: Leonard Kim was born on December 21, 1984. Little did he know, he had a great destiny ahead of himself. That destiny was, to become a failure. He did just that. As he progressed through his … Read more