How Will Ferrell Ruined My Wedding

It was a beautiful Thursday in Los Angeles. The weather was perfect. My soul at peace.


Sarah and I were gazing into each other’s eyes.


We knew this would be the perfect day.


But was it really as perfect as it could have been? (We’re not actually married by the way)


While we posed for our picture, there was a surprise from behind.


A man creeped in our photo, tossing confetti everywhere.


Will Ferrell crashed our wedding.

Our picture perfect wedding photo was ruined.

Oh what a shame…

Will Ferrell beware, one day we will come to crash your wedding!


See Will Ferrell crashing other significant events in the April 2015 Comedy Special Issue of British GQ.

Images from video:

Photography and videos created for the April 2015 Comedy Special Issue of British GQ, Featuring Will Ferrell by Lacey of Flower Ave ProductionsGavin Bond and British GQ.

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