Being on Top of the World, to Losing It All

On Quora, I was asked:  How do people react to moving from a high to a low standard of living? This is how I responded: Living a high standard of living?  Oh, how I miss those days… In my youth, when I grew up, I was raised by an amazing family.  We would’ve been considered, … Read more

The Event That Changed My Childhood Life

When I was about two or three years old, I started growing up with my grandparents, Robert and Nancy Landis, as opposed to my mother. My grandparents had raised me as if I was their own child. Robert Landis, my grandfather was the most influential person in my youth. He loved me with all his … Read more

The Most Valuable Lesson We Should Teach Our Youth

Humility Humility is one of the key components to living a successful life. Whether or not you believe you’re going to change the world, be a billionaire, or even discover a cure for some incurable disease, no one is going to like you if you don’t have humility. They say the top is a very lonely … Read more

Who is Lisa Groeneweg?

Lisa Groeneweg.  A visionary with a heart of gold.  A person who wants to change the lives of each and every individual she can. She reminds me of what John Maxwell once said.  “Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.” She will be changing the way Quora is, forever.  First stop, the … Read more

How I Initiated a Casual Chat with an Angel Investor

Back at the beginning of January, an Angel had informed me that he wanted to meet.  We decided to get dinner and spoke for four hours, about life, Quora, and many other things. I think I was the more curious one, because I kept asking him what he did with all his free time.  I … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Sales

The Blueprint for increasing sales, from first hand experience in a high ticket item market. What is the best way to sell fifteen cars a month? How to sell 15 cars a month? Back in 2006, I used to sell 23 a month.  I can help.  Maybe.  Who knows. What I would suggest? Know your client.  Their … Read more

Overcoming Failure; One Ice Cream at a Time.

There was once a time, a little over two years ago…  When I had gone to Santa Monica, California, for a launch party that the tech start-up, Zaarly, was holding.  A few colleagues and myself decided to have a discussion.  Everyone was going around the table defining what they though to be the answer to this … Read more