The Most Valuable Lesson We Should Teach Our Youth


Humility is one of the key components to living a successful life. Whether or not you believe you’re going to change the world, be a billionaire, or even discover a cure for some incurable disease, no one is going to like you if you don’t have humility.

They say the top is a very lonely place. I can say from first hand experience that it is. However, if you’re able to master humility, then it isn’t too bad.

I really like what Jesse Quinata  added on “The Most Valuable Lesson We Should Teach Our Youth”

The ground floor can be just as lonely without it.  Humility opens the door for fresh relationships or for the lack of it close doors shut even with old ones.  I have seen time and again when family and friends avoid specific cooks or informal chefs who attend party preparations to supposedly lend a helping but watch him- and her too, get snobbed.  By the end of the first cut onion there is silence in the outside kitchen then departure from the proximities and then the dish is done and the critics resume their fancies.  Top and below Leonard you are right the absence of humility in anyone’s life is lonely.

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