What Are the Downsides to Having Money?

Being expected to pay for everything when going out. Having others feel that there is a sense of obligation for me to donate to their cause, whether I believe in it or not. Being used for the money I have. Having fake friends who are just by my side due to my success, but leave once the well runs dry. Basically it’s just living in a world surrounded by fake people, only to find that in actuality, I’m all alone because I never made any real genuine friends.

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  1. You know whats worse…that when people do have more money than you…”friends”….they actually look down at you make fun of your vehicle…know that you are struggling and still brag about how much they have and invite you to places you can’t afford to go to. Its bullshit…and just as sad. They brag about their vehicles where they are going to vacation the expensive meal they just had when you have no groceries in your refrigerator…make no mistake I never act like they owe me anything because they don’t they have their life and i have mine…but when they go all out to brag to you knowing what you’re going through that is just cruel and there is no reason for it.


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