What Should I Do with a Boyfriend That Calls Me Degrading Names in Public in Order to Educate Me?

Someone on Quora asked:

We are in a long term relationship and he says he loves me. But when we have or had before some misunderstanding, he would come to it by calling me names, like selfish, bitch, hater, etc. in loud on public. He does that as he says to educate me, to change my attitude and personality, because he knows that it is an issue for me if I see people talking about me or being offended by me.

Is this behaviour normal in relationships, should I take it as an advice from him (he is making me service by doing this and making me better person – in his point of view), or is there any reasonable and fair solution?

This was my response:

He’s not educating you.  He’s controlling you.

Here are two better questions for you to ponder over.

Do you like to be controlled?  Or do you want your freedom again?

Choose wisely.

Originally posted on Quora.

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