How I Met Katy Perry

I hung out with Katheryn once.  I met her around the time when the song, I Kissed a Girl was popular.  I think that was 2008?  She was with two of my friends upstairs of Beso, Eva Longoria’s restaurant.  I think the club portion of the restaurant is called Kiss, or that’s what everyone referenced it as.

We smoked a cigarette together and had a small chat.  Then partied for a little bit.

She’s a pretty cool person.  She didn’t look anything like how she did in her music videos.  I really didn’t even know she was Katy Perry, until my friend told me.  Then I was like, oh, that’s cool.  It wasn’t that big of a deal.

I tried adding her on Facebook the next day and sent a message saying it was nice to meet her, especially since she was hanging out with my friends.  However, she never responded.

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