What Does It Feel like to Get Recognized in Public?

So recently, I went to New York for a quick little vacation.  It was fun.  I’ll talk more about it later.  Whenever I finally remember how to write again.  I kind of forgot how to.  I guess all that walking wore out my brain cells and destroyed them.  So I can’t even understand what I really did in New York yet.  However, Scott Danzig summed up one of my days in New York here:  I met a Quoran!  First contact! by Scott Danzig on The Rethinking

I’m still trying to remember how to type stuff up like this.  I totally forgot how to do it.  But one day I will.

Well, anyway… My friend was having a party at his place on the Upper East Side, celebrating his new job.  He invited many friends over.  Gorgeous people I must say.  As gorgeous as it gets.  Kind of just like LA.

I tried to slowly maneuver my way in to the place with a bottle of Oban, to you know, help celebrate.  But I was just trying to go and wall flower it.  Because you know, that’s what us awkward Asians do.  We hide out by the wall.

Then Jason went to introduce me to a few people.  Then one girl was like, “Hey, I know you!”

My mind went blank.  I never went to New York before.  How in the world could someone know me?  Did I steal her cookies?  Did I take her table at that empty Russian restaurant Onegin that wasn’t nearly as good as the breakfast place I wanted to go to, but never could find?  Did I cut her off in line at the airport?

Who knows.

Then she laid it all out…

“You’re Leonard from Quora!”

I’m like “Oh.  Yeah.  I forgot I write on that site…”

Then her friend turned to me and she’s like, “What’s Quora?

So I redirected the question back to her and asked, “So what’s Quora?”

Then she explained.  Then her friend asked, “What do you write about?”

So I redirected the question again and asked, “What do I write about?”

She said, “Everything!”

This continued on for a few more times.  Then we finally proceeded to talking about something else, because it kind of made me feel, uncomfortable.

It was like… Not something I would have ever expected to do, just talk about Quora somewhere.  Especially while on vacation.  With my friend’s friends.  So I just wandered around the room and chatted with more people about other random things instead.

So, how does it feel?

It feels awkward.  As awkward as it gets.  However, the benefit is I got to talk to two extremely smart, sweet and gorgeous women.  So I guess there’s a plus side to every awkward moment.

Originally posted on Quora.

Leonard Kim consults startups and writes books like The Etiquette of Social Media: How to Connect and Respond to Others in the World of Social Media

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