What Is Some Excellent Advice Your Grandfather Gave You?

“Love everyone.” All my grandfather ever did was share his love for everyone, except my mom.  He didn’t like her.  He thought she just went out and partied all the time. Genetics.  Hmm…  Maybe that’s why I spent so much time partying.  Who in the world knows? All he ever did was love everyone around … Read more

Why You Should Brainwash Yourself with Positive Thoughts

My friend used to always say, if your brain wasn’t so dirty, it wouldn’t need to be washed! Our brains are surrounded by toxicity all day. Negative events on the news. Negative people. Negative TV shows. Negative articles on the internet. Negative parents. Negative teachers. Negative friends. Negative everything. Since everything around us is so … Read more

Your Dreams Will Leave You Disappointed (But This Mindset Is What Matters Most)

The only things people want are Love, Entertainment, to be Happy, Money, and Better Health (to feel better). These are the primary motivating factors to the decisions that each person makes. This should bring some insight as to why I made the decisions I did.  I wrote the following on June 26th, 2013: Sometimes I … Read more

What I Did to Help My Depression

I know how you feel. I once felt the same way. There was a time where I thought, “My depression is scaring people, especially myself.” I didn’t know what to do. Everyday was exactly the same. I was miserable. I hated myself. Sometimes, I even wished that tomorrow would never come. I hid in my bed, under the … Read more