No One Will Ever Know Who You Are–Until You Do This

You see your competitors doing big things, but you aren’t getting the results you want. Redirect your efforts into doing this. Everywhere you look, you see content. Articles. Videos. Books. Podcasts. Radio shows.There is an endless amount of content out there. You’re working on your project. Are people even noticing what you do? When I … Read more

Become a Marketing Rock Star by Doing This

People aren’t responding to your calls or emails? There is a solution. The days of outbound marketing seem to be coming to an end. The “Wolf of Wall Street” mentality of harassing customers over the phone, sending spam my emails, and going door-to-door to close deals has become much less effective in recent years. This … Read more

Want To Raise Determined Kids? A Former Teacher Says To Do This

Your kids have potential to be great. But are you letting them shine?  People say that determination and entrepreneurship can’t be taught, but recently I met an entrepreneur who not only disagrees with that, she built an entire company focused on getting high school teens on the entrepreneur track.Sarah Hernholm, Founder of WIT- Whatever It … Read more

7 Great Rules to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Social Networks

Building a social enterprise may seem tough. But what if you could reverse engineer your way to success? Social media has changed everything. From how you market a movie, to how you promote an event, to the way we converse and interact with each other. When it comes to social media, some think of it … Read more