How to Conquer Mondays With Success–Each And Every Time

Most people dread Mondays. But if you get this down, you can conquer them each and every single week.

When it comes to Monday, many of us dread going back to work. The weekend is full of fun and relaxation, but when Monday hits, you’re back to the grind. Work from the past week begins to pile up on your desk. Weekend emails for assignments fill up your inbox. Next thing you know, you’re panicking because of the amount of work you have sitting in front of you.

Doing these things only sets you up to fail. That means you need to play catch up the entire week.

On the contrary, founders of profitable companies know that approaching Mondays on Sunday sets the tone for the entire business week.

Changing one or two simple habits can alter your stress levels and kill your case of the Mondays.

The Agency is a real estate firm that was started by 5 friends in Beverly Hills. They are a full-service, luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company that has redefined and modernized the real estate industry. On top of that, they have broken records and sold billions of dollars in real estate over the last few years.

I had the opportunity to sit down with the founding team at The Agency. These 5 friends have made huge strides in the real estate world, winning multiple awards in real estate from the Wall Street Journal.

These are the 11 things that The Agency’s founding staff does to conquer Mondays with success, each and every time:

1. Focus on the Short Term

Set short term goals for the week. Mauricio Umanksy, founder and CEO of The Agency, also known as Kyle Richard’s husband from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recommends that you come in with weekly goals on Monday. Long term goals should be set every quarter and short terms goals should be reviewed and analyzed weekly to see what you’ve accomplished for the previous week’s goals.

2. Up Your Morale

Visit your team. Every Monday, Mauricio goes into everyone’s office and not only makes sure moral is up, but that everyone is focused to take on the week.

3. Put a Pin on it

Create a ritual. Some places have casual Fridays, The Agency has Pin It Mondays. They made logo pins and every Monday, they hand them out to everyone in the office to wear. This reinforces the team mentality within the organization. Mauricio believes it’s a way to put on your armour for battle each and every Monday.

4. Prime Your Brain for Monday

Get your mind set for the week. Every Monday morning at 6:30am, Santiago Arana, Principal and Partner at The Agency, has a ritual that he calls ‘priming’. Just like how you prime a wall and get it ready for the paint, he primes himself up by praying and meditating. For at least 10 minutes, picture what you are grateful for, then visualize all the things you want in life. End it by cranking up loud music, then start your Monday with a jump and strong clap!

5. Goals, Gratitude, Repeat

Stay focused on what matters. Santiago chants for what he’s grateful for. He recommends that you repeat your goals 200 times while working out. It sounds harder than it is. If you workout your mind at the same time as your body, you’ll leave the gym on a high that no one can put out.

6. Get Moving

Get out and run. Billy Rose, Co-Founder of The Agency, starts every Monday morning with an early and extended workout, ideally with a run along the beach. He recommends you do the same. By doing so, you are able to clear your mind and get your body moving. Plus, the endorphin rush propels you with vigor into the day.

7. Prepare An Efficient Call Sheet

Organize your list and get on the phone. On Mondays, Billy charts a game-plan for the week. He prepares a call sheet to ensure he reaches out to and connects with clients, colleagues and others early on. Then he studies, rearranges and adds to his calendar to ensure that his schedule is as efficient as possible and that the appropriate amount of time is spent with the right people.

8. Podcast Some Positivity

Stay inspired. Listen to a podcast as you get ready. Mike Leipart, Managing Partner of The Agency believes you can extract lessons for your life from others who are successful in their respective fields. “The Moment” with Brian Koppleman is one of his favorite podcasts.

9. Reconfirm Your Direction

Wake up 30 minutes earlier. Mike wakes up 30 minutes earlier than he used to each and every Monday. He uses this time to respond to emails, help his kids get ready for school and avoid the feeling of being rushed. It is important to start Monday being as calm and collected as possible, especially before the week takes on a life of its own. It’s also a great time to reconfirm your direction. It’s never too late to admit you are wrong so you can end up heading down the right path.

10. Create a To-Do List for the Week Ahead

Write down your to-do list for the week. Farrah Aldjufrie, founding member of The Agency knows it’s pretty obvious, but you need to physically write down your Weekly To-Do list every Monday morning. Write it in your notebook or up on the whiteboard. This helps you keep yourself and your entire team on track to prioritize and tackle the weekly tasks ahead. Checking things off the list is gratifying! You can even create an ‘I DID IT’ list, which helps you see all the hard work that is paying off.

11. Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Initiate your conversations. Every Monday, Farrah makes it a habit to send over a quick update, along with a summary to each client so that they know they are of top priority and the first thing on the To-Do list each week. In the customer service business, it’s vital to be proactive with communication, rather than reactive.

How do you conquer your Mondays? I’d love to learn more! Comment below.

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