When I’m Older, Will I Realize My Parents Were Right All Along?

If your mom is my mom, then that’s a tough one.  If you mean she was right all along as in she’s going to force me to take care of her until she grows old, then I guess she was right all along, as she’s currently sitting on my sofa watching Netflix on an iPad thinking “Oh how life is grand… I don’t have to do a single thing except cook and clean and my son just pays for everything!”

Otherwise, if you’re talking about the lessons she taught me, then I doubt it.

My mom is pretty racist.  Actually wait, she hates her own people too.  So I guess she just hates everyone.  But according to her last conversation with my friend Jamie, she would rather have me marry an ugly stupid Korean girl than a beautiful smart woman of any other race.

However, I don’t see any of them lining up to talk to me.  So that kind of creates a problem, especially since I’m not looking for them, nor do I have any intention to start.

My mom also told me to not trust anyone or ever let anyone over to my home.  That makes it kind of hard when I want to, you know…  Show a girl the photo album of when I was a kid that I have hidden under my bed. So, I don’t think that advice worked out too well.

She told me how to sneak into movie theaters, which I suppose is kinda helpful.

She also told me that if I wear gold every day, I will be rich.  After about a year of just wondering if that was true or not, I finally gave in and decided to buy something that was gold.  Just the daily thought of it was clouding my judgment, so I just gave in.

I’m hoping she’s right about that one.  *Fingers Crossed*

My mom doesn’t really make up her own advice though.  I don’t think she even has any advice to give.  Instead, she goes to see this fortune teller lady and this fortune teller lady tells her everything.  Then she comes back and tells it to me.  So, I don’t even think my mom even has advice to be right about, because it’s all just some random fortune lady’s message communicated through another vessel, which just so happens to be my mom.

So, I think the better question is…

When I’m older, will I realize that the Fortune Teller that my mom goes to see was right all along?

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Leonard Kim consults startups and writes books like The Etiquette of Social Media: How to Connect and Respond to Others in the World of Social Media

0 thoughts on “When I’m Older, Will I Realize My Parents Were Right All Along?”

  1. Right about what? Taking care of her is part of your humanity. A deconstructionist would argue that her having a grand life defines you as being successful.

    Your argument for your mom being racist isn’t really the racism that’s choking America. She’s stating her opinion, her preference, her last chess moves to shape the future of her family; nothing racist about it. The issue there might be the fact you haven’t been able to find and keep a significant other, of any race.

    Then you write, “I don’t think she even has any advice to give,” and include the possible epistemological source of her logic as being that of a fortune teller: what the fuck dude? I’m frustrated with this post. There’s no direction, there’s no point of view, there’s just a bunch of words and a fucking shrug of the shoulder where you thought no one was actually going to read your shit and comment. I guess that didn’t happen.


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