How to Stop Procrastinating

Someone on Quora had asked me:

How do I stop myself from doing things at the last minute? Say I have an exam in a month’s time. I will keep this deadline very close to me, and yet I will only start studying at the last minute. I love pressure and deadlines; I love beating them even more. The adrenaline rush I feel when I coast by after studying at the last minute makes me feel good, but I realize it’s a bad habit and I won’t always get away with it.

Also, I pull one too many all-nighters, and understand this is actually unhealthy. How can I avoid making this mistake?”

This is how I responded:

When I used to work at a start-up, we had a million things to do.  Some were absolutely essential things that we dreaded. Others were easy and simple tasks. What we did is we first created a game plan. We figured out what tasks were the most important and put them at the top. Then we put the minor tasks at the bottom. Together, we worked on tackling out the most important tasks first. It was hectic. It was hard. It was strenuous. Yet, we were dedicated to take down each priority as quickly as possible. Especially since most of the vendors we used were overseas, we had to work on their schedules, which affected sleep. However, after realizing how important each of these tasks were, we couldn’t stop until these priorities were finished, before we were able to move on to the next project.

Originally posted on Quora.

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