How to Tell if a Salesperson Is Lying to You

Well, the thing is… It’s really hard to tell if a good salesperson is lying. From personal experience, in order for a salesperson to be good, they would need to fully believe 100% in what they are selling. Now, if a salesperson who is being quite sincere and genuine is lying to you, the problem may be that they have lied to themselves, however not to you.

I taught this guy I know who used to live a block away from me how to sell cars. He went to go sell Chevys. He made decent money because he believed in the product. Then he went to sell Toyotas and made even more money, because he came to find that Toyota had a better product. He actually hit six figures selling cars. Prior to that, he was working at a pool hall, making $10 an hour.

I don’t talk to him anymore, because he’s the type of person who obligates you into doing things. He’s pushy and relentless, always wants to gamble and make bets, and just uses people. He kind of learned what I taught him, put a dark spin onto things, and just uses it as a manipulation tool.

For me personally, at a few points in my life, I sold some pretty shoddy products. However, I couldn’t believe they were shoddy. I had to convince myself they were great. I would focus on the functions and benefits that made them great, then finally I made an opinion about the product that aligned to the way I could sell it. I wasn’t lying to my clients. I was lying to myself in thinking the product was great. So, that makes it hard to tell, because I personally made myself believe the product was great.

I can’t sell shoddy products anymore. It really bugs me. Like a lot. I mean, some people will lie straight to your face without a problem. Personally, I can’t do things that way. However, I have always been the #1 or #2 sales person wherever I went, as long as I believed in the product.

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  1. I think salespeople are really very pushy. At the end of the day, it’s about the money and the commissions they get. Hey, I understand they’ve got to meet their quotas or reach certain targets to be able to put food on the table for their families. But you’re right, at times the products are shoddy and yet the salespeople push you to buy.

    Interestingly, I came across someone at a store who was opposite. I guess he didn’t make commissions. I inquired about a tiny TV that was on display, and he told me it was “junk” and I was probably better served going elsewhere. Now, THAT’s refreshing. Odd behavior, though.


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