Why Is It Weird for Someone to Be Nice to People They Don’t Know?

Someone one Quora asked:

I was always raised with the idea that we should be kind to strangers, but sometimes I feel that being kind or helpful is not welcome by the people I am trying to help. I am sometimes treated like I am insane for going out of my way to help others. Why would it be strange for a person to be nice to strangers?

This was my response:

It’s not. It’s called being courteous.

I went to eat at Plan Check, a burger place, last Sunday. I was hung over and completely depressed since I was without my girlfriend anymore.

The waitress was kind and took great strides to make sure that I was cared for, smiled at me too. She reminded me that life was full of pleasant people, even if I was completely unpleasant at the time. She helped ease my mood and earned herself a nice little tip for that meal.

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0 thoughts on “Why Is It Weird for Someone to Be Nice to People They Don’t Know?”

  1. I can attest 2 facts 2 verify THAT:
    “Leonard Kim” practices what he preaches (epic sax battle axe’d);
    1) wit over 7 thousand instagram followers, & despite following a few thousand as well; he was kind enough to knot only follow a weirdo_asperger_wit_instagram_cheese (running on less than a few dozen reel_peeps following memez)
    2) butt$! he DM’d me back after eye thanked him 4 following
    & 3.14)dap§ have been dabbling ever $inc+e;

    ^_^ Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity Mr. Kim!
    C:/eye always try2breathe #breakingBad ‘§’stereotype$;
    IE: Last night, walking back to my not so proper living situation, eye met a straight up gangbanger (meow trying to get reformed) walking back to his apartment barely a few blocks from my complex in Vegas. Eye was cunning back from one of the worst knights of my past year/life ish (trying to get deals done but felt respected NONE) & it was my reel talk earned his respect… turning into an epic knight of sharing my struggles, a good hour of my epic [experimental] movie($), our love of rap, language, society, and his ambitions to go back to writing his book (as he’s apparently more swell red tan eye am); To make a long story short: give everyone EQUAL respect, NO matter WHAT day can/or appear right now that they might be able to offer you…. OH and always try to help others who Arrrrr less fortunate than UU/W.W. -out

  2. You aren’t the only one brother. I have this thing were meet someone and I don’t treat them like an old friend, it completely freaks people out, especially in NY.


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