Why Do Most Salaried People Stay Salaried All Their Life Instead of Exploring?

I have worked on straight commission or a draw my entire life, aside from when I was 15 and working at Knott’s Berry Farm picking up trash for $5.75 an hour. Oh how I loved scrubbing those toilets to make $82 a weekend. It brought my life so much joy.

Well, in life, I have had huge months where I made thousands upon thousands and other months where I have made nothing. One month I would go out and buy everything I could, pop bottles with models and live it up. Other months, I’d eat a microwavable meal and wonder how in the world I was going to cover my rent.

What I learned is that most opportunities do not pan out. To make it in life, a mindset of consistency and optimism is required, along with the ability to stay diligent in what you do. Plus you don’t actually have full control over your earnings; some things will be completely out of your control.

Am I saying it’s not worth it?

No. It is worth it, if you are able to play the game. Otherwise, it’ll eat you alive and leave you hanging on the street to dry.

In the last three years, I have chosen the path of security. I can wake up each day of each month to know exactly how much money I am making. Without that additional stress of uncertainty, I am able to function better and with a clear mind on side projects as they come.

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  1. Did I miss something? I was looking for an actual answer to the title of this post. “Path of security.” Do that mean you got a regular job?
    Anyway, salary makes people feel ‘secure’ meaning as long as they show up they will be paid.


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