What Door Would You like to Unlock in Your Life?

On Quora, someone asked:

What door would you like to unlock in your life?

Your door is your access.

So, based on your preference, feel free to open any door of your choice.

There is a door we can each open in our best interest.

Take a look at these doors:

1. Door to a life partner
2. Door to wealth
3. Door to health
4. Door to exam success
5. Door to peace of mind
6. Door to achievements
7. Door to power
8. Door to wisdom
9. Door to promotion
10. Door to knowledge
11. Door to prosperity
12. Door to debt freedom
13. Door to international travels
14. Door to physical fitness
15. Door to a business partner
16. Door to friendship
17. Door to life
18. Door to jobs
19. Door to children
20. Door to love

What other door can you think of? Just say it your way!

This was my response:

I experience the joys that this door comes with each and every day. How I maintain that the door stay open is by being grateful. By thinking of three things each morning for why I’m glad to be alive. By sleeping 8 hours a day. By exercising. By being creative. By living in the moment. That door I keep open is the door to happiness. I hope to keep that door wide open until the day I die.

Originally posted on Quora.

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