What Do People Who Work 70–100 Hour Weeks Do in Their Free Time?

I used to work 105 hours a week. This is what I did back in 2006:

Wake up at 8am. Shower. Get dressed. Get into car. Take the 101 freeway 10 miles in 15 minutes to get to North Hollywood.

Arrive at 10am. Have Armenian boss yell at me for being late to work.

Walk around lot, check inventory, see what’s new. Go to my computer. Run errands, like pay credit cards bills, electric, etc. while at my desk.

Start calling and following up customers. Set up appointments while browsing through eBay and texting with my friends. Oh yeah, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) worked on my computer at that time, that was great.

Help walk in customer. Show them around. Get my exercise while taking them around the lot. Sell a car? Maybe. Maybe not.

1pm comes around. Order lasagna for delivery at the place next door. Omg their lasagna is so good. Decide to wander off the lot for a bit. Grab gas, gum, cigarettes, lots of energy drinks and whatever else. Like chips. Chips are great. I love chips.

Come back to work, set up more appointments. Wait for another walk in to help. Go wander and walk around the lot for an hour to get my exercise, since sitting at my desk is too boring. Help an appointment that arrived. Go grab McDonald’s across the street. Help another walk in. Maybe sell a car or two in the day.

11pm comes by. Ex calls work phone. Asks me if I’m out cheating. I tell her that she’s calling my work line, meaning I’m obviously at my desk doing nothing. Wait for finance to finish the deal on the car. 1am arrives. Drive home. Spend time with ex. Look at schedule. It says time due in is 8am. I say f this, I’m sleeping in. I’m the #2 sales person in the store, I make my own hours. Sleep in and go back to work at 10am the next day.

Then on my day off, I pass out for over 15 hours, go out to eat, visit the dry cleaners, do laundry once every two weeks and wish I had enough time to go shop and blow all this money I earned working like no tomorrow but don’t, so just watch my bank account increase while I actually have nothing to do with my life. I went to the bar too on the days I got off early. I don’t think I actually took that many trips to the bar to hang out either, since drinking was never really my thing.

Oh yeah, my schedule said I was only required to work 40 hours a week, and I originally did 80 hours a week, but I just didn’t have anything else to do with my life after my ex left, so I just drowned myself into my work and bumped that up to 105…

When I did 80, we would visit more restaurants. I think my food budget was in between $1,500-$2,000 a month. Hey that’s slightly less than what I earn now… However it’s a great trade-off considering I’m only required to work exactly 8 hours a day and it’s quite impossible to work overtime at my work, unless I want to come in earlier than 8:30am…

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