Do We Have to “Beg” for Success?

Someone on Quora had asked me:

“Do we have to ‘beg’ for success? Sometimes it seems like hardwork/focusing on what you love isn’t enough to get us there. Is it true that ‘If You Want to Be Successful, You Have to Beg For It ‘ ?”

This is how I responded:

When you’re hungry, do you beg for food? When you’re thirsty, do you beg for water? When you’re dating, do you beg someone to go out with you?


So why in the world would you beg for success?

Attaining success is a three step process. You seem to have part two down, which is do. You’re trying to reach step three, which is have. However, you’re missing the first step completely, which is be.

You attract success by the person you become.

If you want to have success, you need to become the type of person who has success. You need to walk like a successful person, talk like one, dress like one, act like one, smile like one, be happy like one, and essentially become a person of success.

Then, after you become this particular person, you move to the step you’re on now, do. This is when you implement hard work. Afterwards, the formula will be complete as you will soon have what you were looking for.

Originally posted on Quora.

Leonard Kim is Managing Partner at InfluenceTree. At InfluenceTree, Leonard and his team teach you how to build your (personal or business) brand, get featured in publications and growth hack your social media following.

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