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The Etiquette of Social Media The Etiquette of Social Media

Leonard Kim is the author of the book, The Etiquette of Social Media: How to Connect and Respond to Others in the World of Social Media. Description: 30% of College Admissions Officers found something online about an applicant that negatively impacted their college application. [1] More than two in five (43%) Hiring Managers found information online that caused them […]

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What Can Venture Capitalists Offer Besides Money?

What Can Venture Capitalists Offer Besides Money?

If I was in a position which required me to raise money, I would never raise it from someone who could provide only money. Money is absolutely useless, without the proper advisors behind you. Ideally, I would seek out someone who has experience in my field, who knows the ins and outs and the potential […]

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How Do You Stay Positive in Sales?

How Do You Stay Positive in Sales?

Repetition is the mother of all skill. B.  Belief. E.  Enthusiasm. A.  Action. R.  Results. First, you need to believe in yourself or your product.  Then you need to get excited about it, or display enthusiasm.  Then you need to take action.  For one out of every few people you speak with, you will get […]

What Is the Best Way to Deal with Failure at Everything in Life?

What Is the Best Way to Deal with Failure at Everything in Life?

Pause, reflect, learn the lessons from each failure, take a break, find yourself, attain an attitude of gratitude, think of three things you’re thankful for each morning, get eight hours of sleep a day, eat two meals every day, exercise, eliminate your expectations, forgive all the people who have wronged you, forgive yourself, stop living […]


Ellen Vrana

I absolutely love Leonard Kim’s personal stories. The bravery in the fact that he chronicles his lowest points, clearly encourages many other people (myself included) to do the same.

Ellen Vrana: Writer, Former Consultant at McKinsey & Co, Graduate of Harvard and Stanford.
London, United Kingdom

- Ellen Vrana
Terrence Yang

Leonard Kim is a good soul committed to helping people like you. He presents life and work advice in a way that busy readers really appreciate and understand.

Terrence Yang: Startup Investor, Mentor. Founder, Yang Ventures. USC, Harvard Law. Ex-Wall Street.
Los Angeles, California, United States

- Terrence Yang