What to Do When You Feel the World Is Against You

I was in a slump. I’m not good at anything. I give advice on Quora that I don’t rightfully deserve to give. All the startups I worked for failed. I lost a few cars and my home before and had to move back in with my grandmother. I had $50k in debt for the longest time. I have a little more money than you today, but nothing to jump for joy over.

This won’t get you out of debt, well maybe it will. I don’t know, but it will make you feel better about yourself. This is what I do and it works for me. So I guess it works.

1. Get 8 hours of sleep a day.

2. Eat two meals a day.

3. Stop living in the past or the future.

4. Live in the moment. Take time to appreciate what is around you.

5. Have an attitude of abundance.

6. Think of all the people you are grateful for every morning.

7. Let the people of whom you are grateful to have know that you are grateful to have them in your life.

8. Forgive everyone of whom wronged you. You don’t have to let them know you forgive them. Just forgive them internally.

9. Volunteer to help others. Expand that abundant mind set.

10. Exercise. Walk like 15 minutes a day.

Things should turn around for you. They did for me and I still have no clue what I’m doing with my life, but I’m happy. You should try being happy too!

Originally posted on Quora.

Leonard Kim is Managing Partner at InfluenceTree. At InfluenceTree, Leonard and his team teach you how to build your (personal or business) brand, get featured in publications and growth hack your social media following.


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