4. Learn from your mistakes. In life, we don’t learn from our wins. We learn from our losses. Take the time to sit back and analyze why a situation went the way it did. Study it, learn the lesson, then move on. Dwelling on the situation will keep you stuck in a feeling of pity and regret. So once you internalize the lesson, move on.

5. Be thankful for the experience. Each situation we go through is a learning experience. I spent my weekend being bitter over not having a new laptop as mine is on the brink of dying. But I did hold his older Macbook Air as collateral. I’m going to be selling that off, taking a minor loss of a few hundred dollars, then buying the new Macbook Pro I intended to buy in the first place. But by being bitter over the situation, I wasn’t able to enjoy my time out with friends this weekend. Life is too short to wail over situations that don’t go our way, so instead of dwelling on the situation, learn from it and move on. Then be thankful it happened, so you can make sure it never happens again.

Have you ever made a sure bet and had it backfire on you? How did you handle the situation? I’d love to hear more. Comment below.

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