When Do You Know It’s Time to Quit Your Job?

When you realize that you can write a book on…

Wait for it…

How to Not Get Promoted at a Job at a Fortune 500 Company

And you have a full chapter list of exactly how to do it.

Chapter 1: Be Performance Driven.

Chapter 2: Outperform Everyone.

Chapter 3: Study. Be Prepared.

Chapter 4: Dress For Success.

Chapter 5: Have Confidence.

Chapter 6: Solve Problems.

Chapter 7: Be a Work Horse.

Chapter 8: Create Ambitious Goals.

Chapter 9: Show Your Ambition.

Chapter 10: Politely Make Your Voice Heard.

Chapter 11: Have Testimonials.

Chapter 12: Stay on the Radar.

Chapter 13: Avoid Gossip.

Chapter 14: Make Friends With Your Boss.

Chapter 15: Stay the Course.

Chapter 16: The Only True Way to Get Promoted at a Fortune 500 company.

Actual book coming soon.

P.S. This advice will guarantee that you will not get fired from your job, but from the last three and a half years of personal experience, I can say for certain that it sure as hell will not get you promoted.

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