What Should I Do with Life Since I Honestly Know I’m Not Smart?

If I were you, I’d surround myself with people smarter than myself. Oh wait, that’s what I do already because I know I’m not smart either. There is some guy named Richard Branson who gave this a try. He ended up becoming a billionaire and owns a space ship. I doubt either of us will become billionaires or own space ships, but if there was hope for Sir Richard, there is hope for us.

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  1. Let me tell you what is bothering me. Now when I come to this website the facebook/google/pinterest/twitter/email icons come up on the left hand side of the page which doesn’t really make it easy to read the page. I have noticed alot of pages lately that do that. Why is that? Why can’t they put it at the bottom….and that is todays rant.


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