If My Friends Insist on Purchasing My Books. What Should I Charge Them?

Someone on Quora asked:

Some of my friends would like to purchase signed copies of the books that I’ve written. They insist on paying instead of having the books simply given to them. Since they are my friends, what should I charge them?

This was my response:

If you liked one particular steakhouse, would you go?

I’m assuming the answer here is yes.

Let’s say years later, you find out that your good friend owns it.

Are you going to stop going?



Because you like the food here.

Are you going to stop paying when you go?



Because the steakhouse makes products, or food that you enjoy. In turn you support the business by giving them your money, so they can produce more product.

You believe that the product is worth paying for. So much, that you went there for years prior. Why would you stop paying for it now?

You wouldn’t.

Just because these people are your friends, it doesn’t take away from the fact that you made a product that has a value associated with it. They want to buy your product so they can help support you to make more product.

So what should you sell it for?

Your retail price plus shipping and handling. Your autograph doesn’t raise the value when you sell your own work. It raises the value only if you become famous. That’s for your friends to capitalize off later. Not you.

Originally posted on Quora.

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