How Do I Double My Salary in 3 Years?

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Step 1.  Get an entry level job earning around $10/hr.

Step 2.  Work well at your job for six months.

Step 3.  Ask your employer to transfer you from your department to sales.  Inform them that you have a passion for the product your company sells.  Ask them if they can have someone teach you the ways.

Step 4.  Continue doing the work you currently are.  Go under someone else’s wing and start learning the ropes to sell.

Step 5.  After a few months, start selling youself.  It will be tiresome and hard, but you will get the hang of it.  It usually takes around three months to pick up how to sell.

Step 6.  Start generating leads and asking for help closing the deals.  Watch what they do.  Analyze and see what you can duplicate.

Step 7.  Create a pipeline.

Step 8.  Start following up with your clients.

Step 9.  Start closing deals yourself.

Step 10.  Start collecting checks for twice as much as you were earning by the beginning of the second year.

Step 11.  Repeat steps 6 through 9.  Start earning twice your current income by the middle of the second year.

Step 10.  Repeat steps 6 through 9.  Start earning twice your current income again by the end of your second year.

Step 11.  Repeat the process again……… Wait, how many times did you want to double your income again?

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