Leonard Kim is the person you turn to when you want to take your business or your career to the next level. From building your brand to positioning yourself as an expert and from content marketing to social media growth, Leonard has figured out the exact formula to create massive online success. You can choose to learn from him or hire him to build your empire for you.

There are multiple ways you can work with Leonard. Here are a few:

Building Your Personal Brand

Leonard Kim is Managing Partner of InfluenceTree. At InfluenceTree, Leonard and his team teach you how to build your brand, get featured in publications and growth hack your social media following. Or if you have the resources, they do it all for you.

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Need help refining your content? Whether it be a deck, an article or a book, Leonard can give your content a face lift so it will be able to take on a life of its own.

To hire Leonard as your editor, email Hello@LeonardKim.com with the subject line: Editing Project


Want a sponsored post either on Leonard Kim’s site or broadcasted to his 250,000+ social media followers? Reach out to Leonard and let him know.

To hire Leonard for sponsorship, email Hello@LeonardKim.com with the subject line: Sponsored project

Social Media Growth

Leonard has amassed well over 250,000 social media followers in the last 3 years. He has helped other clients gain thousands of real followers a month.

To inquire further about social media growth, email Hello@LeonardKim.com with the subject line: Grow My Social Media

Individual Coaching

Leonard does not do much individual coaching, as it is very time consuming and aside from a minimal monetary gain, there is not a lot of value he receives out of helping someone quickly reshape their entire life. If you are willing to pay him north of $5,000 an hour, he may potentially consider it, but it is unlikely.

To see if Leonard may potentially wish to coach you on an individual basis, make a very generous offer to Hello@LeonardKim.com with the subject line: I Want To Improve


Leonard spearheads digital strategy at the University of Southern California’s medical enterprise, Keck Medicine of USC. He has a wide range of experience within all realms of the customer acquisition cycle, but he is a refined expert when it comes to the art of the personal brand, how to overcome failure and social media growth. He has been featured on a plethora of podcasts and radio shows, which include Ask Altucher, Success Hackers and FM radio. He has also spoken as a keynote speaker at multiple University campuses and events.

To inquire about booking Leonard for your event, email Hello@LeonardKim.com with the subject line: Speak to me!

Special Projects

Leonard may take on a special project on a case by case basis.

To see if Leonard will take on your special request, email Hello@LeonardKim.com with the subject line: Special Project!


Need some help with writing? In 2.5 years, Leonard Kim’s content has been read over 10 million times. He is an award winning writer and his content has been featured in Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, in books and more. He can either write articles on your site under his own name, ghost write articles for you, or do more extensive copywriting projects.

To hire Leonard as your writer, email Hello@LeonardKim.com with the subject line: Writing Project


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