Leonard Kim is recognized as a personal branding expert and renowned speaker. He has been featured in leading media publications, ranging from Fortune, Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Los Angeles Times, GQ, Business Insider, Medical Daily, Newsweek, the BBC, SEMrush, Slate, TechDay, Workboard, Search Engine Journal, Tech In Asia, Brand Quarterly, Ask Altucher and more…

fortune-logo-300x59 Your Business Means Nothing If No One Knows Who You Are

Ryan Foland interviews Leonard on the 10 ways to build a renowned personal brand.


5 Things You Can Do To Build A Powerful Personal Brand

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The 5-Step Action Plan to Go From Being a Nobody to an International Success
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Leonard also writes for Entrepreneur Magazine

7 Rules for Building a Distinctive Personal Brand (and a Bonus to Get You Started)

How To Achieve Entrepreneurial Success — With No Friends, No Money, No Real Expertise

10 Steps to Build Your Stature as an Influencer

The_Huffington_Post_logo.svg_-300x116Leonard writes for The Huffington Post

How A LinkedIn Influencer Is Influencing The Entrepreneurs?

GlobePreneurs Win: How Leonard Kim Went From ‘Almost Homeless’ to Being a ‘Social Media Insider’

Leonard Kim: Embracing Failure the Key to ‘Overnight’ Success

How, Where And What To Guest Post In High Authority Blogs?


Leonard is in the April 2015 print issue of British GQ with celebrity Will Ferrell


10 Business Lessons From The Success Of The Kardashians

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Here are the biggest lessons one man learned from working 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks



What’s Trending: The Grinch’s Guide to Holiday Marketing
logo_newLeonard writes about digital marketing for Sendlane

Leonard writes about digital marketing for SEMrush




What Can Businesses Learn From the Kardashians About Branding?

vanityandtradesm200Is Your Lack of Social Media Presence Holding You Back?

Debra Chen interviews Leonard and explains the importance behind the power of a personal brand.

May Busch, former Chief Operating Officer of Morgan Stanley Europe invites Leonard Kim and Vinay Jayaram to discuss the key components to achieving career success.

workboard200Micromanagers Make Less Productive Workers. But What About Elon Musk?

 Leonard explains certain situations in which micromanagement works.


BQ TALKS with Leonard Kim, Managing Partner of InfluenceTree





Leonard Kim writes for The Startup Journal





Leonard Kim writes for Search Engine Journal




Leonard Kim Shares the Real “Keys to Success” for Entrepreneurs.





GlobePreneurs Win: How Leonard Kim Went From ‘Almost Homeless’ to Being a ‘Social Media Insider’


On Your Grind: When to Do MORE

On Your Grind: How to Measure Success (Expert Tips!)


How I Would Evaluate A Potential Technical Co-Founder




Guys, I have some news







Thinking about your personal brand?



Building your Personal Brand in 2016



leonard kim may busch and vinay jayaram on the hidden secrets to your career successHIDDEN SECRETS TO YOUR CAREER SUCCESS
May Busch interviews Leonard Kim and Vinay Jayaram on the hidden secrets to achieving complete career success.
Bruno Coelho interviews Leonard Kim on the importance of sales and how it can completely transform your career.

logoCritical Mass Radio Show – Leonard Kim

Looking for a way to build your own personal brand? Want to get your brand featured in publications and grow in social media? Leonard Kim, managing partner at InfluenceTree, joined Ric and discussed how his team works to make this all possible for you!

logo-gold Build Lead Grow S1:E3 Leonard Kim



Manager Mint’s interview with Leonard Kim



Ask Altucher with James Altucher: The 10 Steps To A Sale

James Altucher asks Leonard what the ten components are behind selling anything.

 Grow Your Influence Tree

on VoiceAmerica Influencers Channel

lxU2GZla WJCU 88.7FM Minding Your Business with DB Hegler: Market to Market Your Personal Brand

DB Hegler asks Leonard what is the secrets to achieve career success by having a personal brand.



Cracking The Code To Building Your Personal Brand with Scott Hansen of Success Hackers

 Scott Hansen gets key insights from Leonard Kim in regards to how to build a powerful personal brand.

quoracastSelf Improvement with Jeff Meyerson of the Quoracast


Jeff Meyerson interviews Leonard Kim on the beginning of his personal success by diving deep into his back story.

Are You An Expert In Failure? Geoff Reese of Wake Up Your Why

 Geoff Reese gets in depth to why Leonard does exactly what he does and the reasoning behind his success.

Leaders of Transformation with Nicole Jansen – Building Your Brand By Writing Online Articles

Nicole Jansen interviews Leonard Kim and discovers how he completely transformed his life from being a nobody to a complete career success.



Tuesday Takeover by Carlos Redlich and David Allen – talk with Leonard Kim

Carlos Redlich and David Allen talk with Leonard about his entrepreneurial journey from selling burned CDs to personal branding and the impact of your digital footprint on your career.



Ways to Ensure a Business is Successful

Terri Clay asks Leonard Kim how to build a successful business and get it to market.



Access to Anyone Podcast Episode 36: How to Actually Get People to Pay Attention to Your Message 




Millenials, Success, and Branding with Frederic Bye on Creative Magic Unchained!






Ryan Foland Interviews Leonard Kim About Content Marketing



MovingForwardHow Leonard Kim Went From Living on His Grandmother’s Couch to Inspiring Millions



PersuasionNationLeonard Talks About How to Build a Persuasive Personal Brand



MLM Nation

Live Simultcast of MLM Nation Podcast Recording with Leonard Kim





Episode 176B2B Growth Show: Why Every B2B Company Should Be Writing Long Form Content





screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-5-14-46-pmLeonard Kim On How Overcoming Your Fear Will Make You Famous

Leonard delves into his personal story, explaining how overcoming fear allowed him to reach his true potential as a Personal Branding expert.